ServoCAT Jr. Track/GOTO

Designed specifically for smaller dobsonian telescopes, those in the 8″ – 15″ size, and even
16 – 18″ lightweight scopes. Maintaining all the features of the standard ServoCAT the Junior allows fast slew rates: 7+ degrees/sec and more! Snappy movements and precise tracking. Silent operation
is the name of the game. The CAT stalks the
night sky like a leopard on the prowl! Enjoy YOUR scope with the new ServoCAT Jr.

The new “Spiral Search” allows you to find that object easily! Most DSC’s cannot maintain accuracy throughout the whole sky. This is often due to mount irregularity, refraction, 2 star selection and alignment, etc. Now, If the object is NOT there, simply hit the “Spiral Search” function button and the scope will “spiral” out from the start point at constant linear velocity and constant spiral width: with 6 available widths and respective speeds for small and large scopes, low and high power fields! Makes finding that object a breeze. The ONLY pattern search that does NOT overlap!