We have started shipping ServoCATs. We will be contacting customers on our existing list of requests in the order that they were received.

The prices on this site are estimates and may be adjusted. Call or email to confirm.

ServoCAT GOTO Track
Dobsonian Retrofit Kits
Our new Dobsonian retro kits are designed to fit dobsonian style telescopes. Size: 11-56” models.
(see ServoCAT Jr. for lighter 10-18″ scopes.)

• ServoCAT Controller – Gen3
Plug-n-Play box
• 2 Deluxe geared motors
• ServoCAT Hand Controller
• Manual release levers for AZ and ALT axis manual operation
• All hardware, ty-wraps, ty-downs, etc, mounting instructions, mounting template(s).
• All cables
Only $2199. 15-36”

What you need to add:
Nexus Pro or Argo Navis or DSC with its installed encoders
• precisely round Ground Board

Obsession Owners Note:
True Obsession owners receive their kit already programmed with default values that in most cases will allow “no commissioning – no software install” capability. Other scopes can be default set as well. And to non-Obsession owners – this does NOT mean that the ServoCAT is only for Obsessions! Not at all. It has been installed on virtually all brands and all sizes of scopes. YOU can install it on YOURS!

CATpaw Wireless HC
Fully assembled, FCC accepted, uses 9V battery, 64 Channels with easy setting of the channels, indicator LED’s, no antennas!
Standard Version (either it or the wired HC plugs in). 
WL HC AutoBase. Allows BOTH the wired (std w/ServoCAT kit) and this WL to function together! W/indicator LEDs. $469 (NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE).

Argo Navis
Digital Setting Circles
$458*. (+S&H)

*Based on exchange rate of 1.01 – find out the REAL price BEFORE you order it from others as the exchange rate is not always updated at other sites!

Ground Boards – From StarStructure Telescopes
A dobsonian system requires the ground board be precisely round. If you want to make your own we’ll tell you how… or you can have one made for you.
Please contact Starstructure Telescopes:

Powered Ground Board – From StarStructure Telescopes
This PGB is high quality plywood with an aluminum plate bottom and an aluminum edge.
Please contact Starstructure Telescopes:

Powered Ground Board Complete kit.
If you use or make your own ground board.
• Power distribution rail
• Cables
• Power transfer system
• 3/4″ Stainless custom pivot post hardware, not just a bolt!

GOTO Button
Allows “remote” gotos without the hand controller. For biggers scopes/ladders
Only $49.

Remote Status Unit
Great for larger scopes, scopes with ladders. Allows remote access to the diagnostic LEDs/Switches.
Only $149.

Encoder Protection Board:
$29 ea.

Stalk Protection Board: $59.

Protection Board Custom Cable Set Scope Side:
Includes custom fit to customer requirements –
(HC, DSC, Serial, and 3′ RCA/RCA power cable) $39.

[Flat HC cable $10, 25′ coiled cable $14]

Protection Board Custom Cable Set User Side:
Includes custom fit to customer requirements –

(HC cable coiled 10′, DSC, Serial, and RCA-pin plug for DSC power cable) $44.