Martha jefferson hospital general information: (434) 654-7000 or 1-800-633-6353 about us meet our team types of cancer treatment martha jefferson home sleep medicine center home contact us find us support us our services one or several tests may be required to determine the nature and extent of a sleep disorder. cheap viagra for sale usa online Specially trained technologists and physicians who are specialists in sleep medicine administer and interpret the tests. During the test, measurements are recorded to identify sleep stages and sleep problems. Tests offered at the sleep medicine center include: the nocturnal polysomnogram: a nighttime study that evaluates many physiologic aspects while sleeping. generic viagra with paypal Parameters include brain, eye and muscle activity and movements, breathing patterns, snoring quality and intensity, oxygen requirements, nocturnal seizures or abnormal sleep behaviors. cheepest generic viagra The nocturnal polysomnogram with treatment: a nighttime study similar to that described above but with an additional therapy such as positive airway pressure (cpap or bi-pap) or an oral/dental appliance. The nocturnal split night polysomnogram: a combination of the above two polysomnograms used in cases where a severe and medically significant sleeping pattern is identified. viagra pills for sale In these cases, a person will be placed on some type of therapy after two to four hours of technical observation and documentation, after which, the study will resume for the remainder of the night. The multiple sleep latency test (mslt) or maintenance of wakefulness test (mwt): daytime studies that evaluate the ability to resist staying awake or the urge to fall asleep pediatric sleep studies: similar to the nocturnal polysomnogram, but using equipment specially fitted for children. viagra used for heart A parent spends the night with the child. Common sleep disorders there are multiple types of sleep disorders, and diagnosing them requires the expertise of the polysomnographic technologists who record and acquire the data and specially trained physicians who interpret the results. Common disorders include: insomnia: characterized by difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep, insomnia is often caused by stress, depression, anxiety, caffeine, medications and chronic or occasional pain. viagra dosage for recreational use Another common contributor is circadian rhythm disruption, such as jet lag or shift work. Sleep apnea: loud snoring accompanied by multiple, nightly brief episodes of breathing cessation suggests the presence of sleep apnea. Periodic limb movement disorder (plmd): symptoms occur during sleep, when the affected person’s legs will kick every 20 to 40 seconds throughout the night. Restless leg syndrome (rls): rls is less common than plmd. buy cheap viagra It is characterized by an uncomfortable sensation in the legs while lying. viagra mechanism action

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