Breaks upload your own tweet wordpress + follow age related macular degeneration by mae william- ganaca on mar 12, 2012 53 views more…   less accessibility view text version categories health & medicine upload details uploaded via slideshare as adobe pdf usage rights © all rights reserved statistics favorites 0 downloads 0 comments 0 embed views 0 views on slideshare 53 total views 53 no comments yet notes on slide 1 subscribe to comments post comment edit your comment cancel more… age related macular degeneration — presentation transcript case presentationdepartment of ophthalmology october 13, 2010 general data•zn, 69/f•bauang, lu•filipino•catholic•date of consult-november 2008 ocular past medical family personal history history history and social history2007-cataract (+) hpn x 5 yrs (+) hpn previousextraction, ou metoprolol (-) dm smokerno other (-) dm (-) ca non alcoholicocular disease beverage drinker housewife • review of systems• physical examination ocular examination od osvisual acuity 20/70-20/30 20/200- niiop 10 10ocular adnexae e/n e/nac deep and quiet deep and quietlens iol in place iol in placeeom intact intactpupils 3-2 mm 3-2 mm (-) rapd (-) rapdcolor perception (+) rgb (-) blue amsler grid dilated fundus exam • fasting blood sugar• fluorescein angiography salient features• 69 y/o• blurred vision with metamorphopsia• history of smoking• hypertensive• decreased color perception• (+) drusen, rpe atrophy age- related macular degeneration, non- neovascular age- related macular degeneration• leading cause of irreversible vision loss in the developed countries• 4th common cause of vision loss in phil• autosomal dominant disease affected by nutritional and environmental factors• bilateral • i. buy real viagra online viagra quantas mg tomar discount viagra or viagra Dry/ non- exudative/non- neovascular amd- 90%• ii. viagra use bph canadian viagra without a doctor prescription Wet/exudative/neovascular- 10 % changes during agingreduced density and distribution of photoreceptors involutional changes in the choriocapillaries riskfactors family history• relatives w/ amd- 50%• (-) relatives w/ amd- 12 %genetic mutations:• cfh gene ( ch. cheap generic viagra discount viagra or viagra dangers of buying viagra online 1)• bf and c2 ( ch. discount viagra or viagra Viagra atenolol drug interactions viagra cocaina y alcohol 6)• loc ( ch. cheap viagra online viagra generica 10 ) framimgham eye study:• 65- 74 y/o- 6. generic viagra pills buy viagra online 4%• >75 y/o- 19. cheap viagra without a prescription Viagra price egypt 7 %• >80 y/o- 6. cheap australian viagra viagra viagra dose viagra online

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